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We Are Upholstery Cleaning Experts

As Certified Upholstery and Fabric Cleaning Technicians, we best in class when it comes to cleaning upholstery. Stone Care of Arizona LLC provides the essential care that your upholstered sofas, love seats and chairs require.

Not all fibers are alike. There is a difference between furniture that has been upholstered with silk and upholstery that is covered with microfiber. Each fiber reacts differently under different conditions and it is vitally important that Technicians inspect each item prior to cleaning. Once a positive identification of what type of fiber was used to upholster your furniture and the seams, piping, zippers and cushions have been checked for integrity, the cleaning will only begin after the upholstery has been properly cleared of particulate soil. This includes extracting debris from crevices and corners.

The cleaning plan we use is always determined by fiber type and how your upholstery was manufactured or woven. We employ low or no moisture techniques as well as traditional methods to ensure proper chemistry. Proper tools are used to clean upholstery without any risk of damage to the fabric.

We are upholstery cleaning experts. We take our time with every item we service. We always follow industry standards and take steps to protect your investment. With Stone Care of Arizona, LLC you have the assurance that our Technicians are accustomed to working with quality and will provide superior upholstery cleaning services that are sure to please.

Benefits of Upholstery Cleaning


Love Your Furniture Again

Furniture that has been upholstered with Chenille yarns are unique like novelty yarns. These yarns have been spun to look like caterpillars. Chenille fabric is of very high quality and should be cleaned without aggressive cleaning processes which can damage the weave of Chenille. We can clean Chenille made from cotton or cotton blends. Beautiful!


Extend The Life of Your Furniture

Stone Care of Arizona, LLC are experts at cleaning velvet upholstery. We clean velvet weaves made from linen, rayon, silk, cotton or wool. These fibers are natural fibers or fibers that are natural and synthetic blends. Due to the nature of natural fibers, it is imperative that these fabrics are cleaned with care.


Protect Your Upholstery

Microfiber is a popular fabric for upholstery that can be professionally cleaned by Stone Care of Arizona. Due to the durability of Microfiber, it is considered the "workhorse" of upholstery fabrics. Microfiber is typically found in family rooms and children's rooms where spills and other mishaps occur. We use cleaning methodology specially made for Microfiber.


Quick, Clean & Easy Process

There are challenges with upholstery covered with linen that are not necessarily found in most other fabrics. Linen contains a natural binder called lignin that can emit a brown patina when wet. The release of lignin can create cellulosic browning which some have difficulty removing. We have a special process for cellulosic browning removal.


Less Expensive Than Replacement

Many fine homes we service are adorned with wool upholstered furniture. Stone Care of Arizona, LLC only uses products that have been tested and approved for wool. This is because more aggressive chemicals can create cuticle degradation called, felting. Our Technicians avoid this problem by using only quality products formulated for wool upholstery.

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Neighbor to neighbor, we understand that you are interested in quality Upholstery and Carpet and Tile and Grout cleaning services. That is exactly what you can expect when you rely on Stone Care of Arizona, LLC for upholstery cleaning and to clean, seal and protect your natural stone. We live where you live and we appreciate quality as you do.

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Our clients love our fast, efficient and professional service. In fact, our business is built on the solid integrity of our management team and staff. We deliver what we promise and we only promise what we can deliver. This is why you can have confidence in Stone Care of Arizona, LLC. We have pride of workmanship and enjoy making our customers happy. No challenge is too great for us to leverage our resources to tackle.