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Marble floors are gorgeous, elegant and are often the main attraction in fine edifices around the world. In fact, marble is arguably the most salient feature found in the Taj Mahal. The richness of marble makes it attractive to interior designers who select marble as beautiful floor covering, counter tops and accent pieces.

Although Marble is a natural stone and can withstand the test of time, it is composed of calcite and is easily etched or otherwise compromised by strong acids and cleaners. Although Vinegar should never be use on Marble, it has become the all purpose cleaner of choice for many households. Stone Care of Arizona, LLC provides professional Marble cleaning and guidance for routine daily maintenance.

Marble Stone Cleaning

Our cleaning process is deep and thorough. We get right down to the nooks and crannies of natural stone to ensure that your Marble is truly clean without the aid of harmful chemicals. When you choose us, you are assured of quality workmanship and service.

Marble Stone Sealing

After cleaning, Marble should always be sealed with a high quality penetrating sealant that will protect natural stone from staining. When Marble is not properly sealed, even condensation from a glass of water can leave a watermark. Stone Care of Arizona LLC uses sealants that provide an invisible protectant.

Marble Stone Polishing

Marble is absolutely beautiful when it has been professionally polished by Stone Care of Arizona. The shine may be as brilliant as glass or a matte finish according to your specifications. Whatever your choice, you can trust us to bring out the best in your Marble.

Marble Stone Honing

From time to time, Marble can become etched, scratched or compromised in other ways. In order to drill down to the natural beauty of your natural stone, honing may be required. Stone Care of Arizona has the expertise required to ensure that this challenging process is executed with precision.

Marble Stone Stripping

Stone Care of Arizona, LLC always administers a deep clean to Marble floors prior to any application of a topcoat. Over time, topcoats must be stripped from Marble to remove dirt that cannot be removed with basic cleaning or to refresh topcoat and renew the shine.

Marble Stone Repair

At times, Marble can become scratched or grout lines may need refilling. Stone Care of Arizona, LLC is a great resource for ensuring that your Marble stone is properly repaired. Marble floors receive the greatest of care when serviced by Stone Care of Arizona, LLC.

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We offer the best natural stone restoration and tile and grout cleaning services in Arizona because we are dedicated to providing phenomenal services. Why? Because we are interested in serving you and your family as an extention of our family.

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