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We Are Natural Stone Cleaning Experts

Stone Care of Arizona, LLC provides phenomenal natural stone cleaning services. In fact, we are Natural Stone Cleaning Experts. We take the time to inspect each project before we begin our natural stone cleaning services. It is important to take into consideration the condition of the natural stone, whether it has a topcoat or wax coating or has been sealed with a natural stone sealant.

Hot water extraction and a high quality neutral cleaner ensures that your natural stone floors or counter tops are cleaned to perfection. We also care about secondary surfaces, not just the hard surface we are cleaning. We understand that hardwood floors, carpeting, walls, baseboards and appliances are also important. We take the time to protect our customers' investments. We are focused on secondary surfaces as well as the natural stone we are cleaning.

Our customers have the assurance and expectation that we will provide excellence in natural stone care services. We use neutral cleaners that are non-toxic biodegradable cleaning products that will not harm our customers, their families or their pets. Our cleaning methodology is superior and utilizes IICRC best practices for cleaning and caring for natural stone.

If you have Flagstone, Marble, Slate, Travertine, Granite or other types of natural stones that are in need of professional care, call Stone Care of Arizona, LLC and experience the difference our professionalism and cleaning processes can make. Let us demonstrate to you why we are revered as experts in natural stone cleaning.

Benefits of Natural Stone Cleaning

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Love Your Home Again

Unfortunately, natural stone is often cleaned with harsh chemicals that can etch natural stone. Stone Care of Arizona, LLC uses a tested and approved neutral natural stone cleaner that is specially formulated for natural stone. You can rest assured that proper care and attention will be given to your natural stone flooring or counter tops.

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Improve The Value of Your Home

The beauty of natural stone withstands the test of time. It can very well be one of the most salient feature of a home or business. Although most natural stone is durable and can overcome a great deal of use, natural stone requires professional cleaning and sealing services. We provide superior natural stone cleaning care.

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Remove Scratches and Scuffs

We have what it takes to ensure that your natural stone is properly cleaned and that embedded contaminants are removed from your floor or counter tops. Effective deep cleaning can help to enhance the overall appearance of stone.


Quick, Clean & Easy Process

The beauty of natural stone oftentimes depends on the expertise of the Technician providing the natural stone care. At Stone Care of Arizona, LLC our Technicians receive ongoing training and regular updating of cleaning credentials to ensure your natural stone receives the best in stone care.


Less Expensive Than Replacement

The replacement value of natural stone can be a challenge to quantify. So many variables must be considered before such a huge undertaking is launched. Thankfully, there is no need to replace natural stone if it can be cleaned, honed, sealed and polished. We can restore the natural beauty of your stone!

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Living in the same community as you gives us perspective that others do not have. We are overwhelmingly committed to providing you with exceptional service. Our reputation depends on it! We service your needs as if we are servicing a member of our own family. This is our commitment to you and one you can trust.

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Our Clients Love Us

We care about your natural stone! We protect your investment! We go the distance to create a favorable cleaning experience. We understand the Fundamentals of Cleaning and we employ best practices that are are recognized and promoted within our industry. With Stone Care of Arizona, LLC, you never have to worry about unfavorable surprises. Our customers rely on us to deliver "predictability." We only use processes and products that have been tested and proven to yield favorable results...again and again.