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No one cleans tile and grout, better than Stone Care of Arizona, LLC!

Over time, all tile and grout will become soiled and develop an unsightly appearance. Unwanted soil and oily substances can also accumulate in the grout channels. Soiled Porcelain or Ceramic tile can create a magnet for colonies of bacteria and viruses. Stone Care of Arizona, LLC is the trusted resource for cleaning Tile and Grout. We have a proven system that removes contamination and leaves tile and grout sparkling clean.

Some homeowners wonder why their carpeting re-soils at such a rapid rate. Our demonstration exposes the source of the issue. We can show you why carpets re-soil unusually fast and what you can do to safeguard against this problem.

Grout lines can be particularly difficult to clean. We are professional tile and grout cleaners who know how to restore Tile and Grout. Call Stone Care of Arizona, LLC and allow us to provide you with expert tile and grout cleaning. We are Institute of Inspection Cleaning Restoration (IICRC) certified as Stone Masonry & Ceramic Tile Technicians. We effectively scrub the grout lines to dislodge any contaminants or soiling. We thoroughly clean porcelain tile, ceramic tile and grout lines. We also use hot water extraction to clean and extract contaminants from the floor or counter tops. Tile and grout responds exceptionally well to our cleaning methodology. We believe you will be extremely happy with the outcome.

Benefits of Tile and Grout Cleaning


Love Your Home Again

There is a constant battle between clean tile and grout and the soap scum and other particulate soil that can accumulate in shower stalls, and on bathroom and kitchen floors. Stone Care of Arizona, LLC uses a deep scrubbing, hot water vapor extraction process that restores tile and grout to its original beauty.


Improve The Value of Your Home

Customers are often amazed by the difference they see in their tile and grout after cleaning. The same tile and grout that once looked as if it needed to be removed and replaced, is the same tile and grout that may be cleaned with appropriate cleaners and properly extracted to reveal the beautiful tile beneath.


Remove Scratches and Scuffs

Once tile and grout has been properly cleaned and sparkles like new, proper maintenance follow up is critical to keeping tile and grout clean. With ongoing and regular maintenance tile and grout will never have a dull or dirty appearance again.


Quick, Clean & Easy Process

From time to time, there may be a situation where the grout lines become compromised. If this happens, and pieces of grout have become dislodged, oftentimes, Stone Care of Arizona, LLC can replace the missing grout. Replacing damaged grout lines will greatly enhance the appearance of tile and grout.


Less Expensive Than Replacement

When customers decide that a change in grout line cover would be advantageous. Stone Care of Arizona, LLC provides color seal services that will change the color of the grout channels. Choose among various colors to change the appearance of your tile and and grout, and match grout-lines to accent your decor.

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