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At Stone Care of Arizona LLC we have a holistic approach to cleaning. We believe that a professionally cleaned mattress is essential to overall good health. Our Technicians are equipped to provide mattress cleaning in the homes we service.

Mattress cleaning may not be foremost in most people's minds. However, when one considers the amount of bodily fluids, dander, dust and foreign matter that can collect in mattresses over time, it makes good sense to have mattresses professionally cleaned by Stone Care of Arizona, LLC.

For the most part, most particulate soil in mattresses may not be visible to the naked eye. This is the reason we use a High Energy Particulate Air (HEPA) filter when removing particulate soil. With our HEPA vacuum system, we can remove 99% of of the particulate soil found in mattresses.

In the final analysis, dust mites, dander and other foreign matter don't stand a chance against our cleaning processes. We use water temperatures over 190 degrees, which is more than hot enough to kill most bacteria.

Our combination of the use of a HEPA filter, hot vapor extraction and chemistry formulated to sanitize your mattresses, provide the holistic approach to mattress cleaning. Stone Care of Arizona, LLC Technicians care about your health and the well being of your family. You can trust us to thoroughly clean and disinfect your mattresses.

Benefits of Mattress Cleaning


Remove Stains and Eliminate Odors

Customers may have allergies or wake up mornings with congestion. Sometimes these symptoms can be directly attributed to a mattress or pillows that need cleaning. Although your mattress may not show signs of soiling, there may be fine particulate soil present that can be professionally removed by Stone Care of Arizona, LLC


Prolong The Life Of Your Mattress

When Stone Care of Arizona cleans your mattress, you can rest assured that your family has the strongest defense against allergens that can create health issues. Our HEPA filter removes up to 99% of fine particulate soil, down to 0.01 micron. This is good news for family members with sensitivity to poor indoor air quality.


You Sleep Better

A clean mattress not only allows you to sleep better, it also gives have piece of mind. You can rest and breathe easier knowing that impurities and contaminants have been removed from your mattress. A clean mattress means cleaner indoor air quality and less stress on the respiratory system.


Quick, Clean & Easy Process

Indoor air quality is measured by the concentration of particles that are suspended in the air. Good indoor air quality can also refer to air that is free from unpleasant odors. Like most textiles, mattresses can become a breeding ground for germs. We use microbials to control the proliferation of odor producing germs and bacteria.


Less Expensive Than Replacement

Finding the right mattress with the right support can be a tedious task. Periodic cleaning can extend the useful life of your mattress. Contact Stone Care of Arizona to professionally maintain your mattress and rest easy at night knowing that your mattresses are sanitary and clean.

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As our name suggests, we are rooted and grounded in Arizona. Stone Care of Arizona, LLC takes pride in providing you with the finest Mattress, Upholstery and Tile and Grout cleaning services available. In all we do, we go the extra mile to protect and enhance your investment... just like a good neighbor should!

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Our clients choose us because of our holistic approach to cleaning. We use green products that are not harmful to your family and pets. Our non-toxic biodegradable products are not harsh to textiles or hard surfaces. We care about the indoor air quality of your home and we care about the environment. That is why our clients choose us for their cleaning needs. The products we use are effective, yet gentle. Our clients love the fact that we clean green.