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Flagstone is a sedimentary rock that is chosen by interior designers, businesses and homeowners because of its durability and longevity. It is quarried in slabs and is found in a variety of colors including red, yellow-brown, and blue. Flagstone floor tiles are sometimes known for their irregular sizes and shapes that are fitly placed and held together by mortar.

Stone Care of Arizona, LLC offers professional natural stone services to address the unique challenges associated with cleaning, sealing or maintaining Flagstone. We are experts at caring for natural stone and Flagstone is one of our specialties. We have had phenomenal results with delivering the quality care that this natural stone requires. We have the industry expertise to ensure exceptional results.

Flagstone Stone Cleaning

Flagstone should be professionally cleaned. Before beginning, it is important that dry particulate soil, such as dirt, dust and debris have been effectively removed. Once the surface of Flagstone is dust and debris free, the total cleaning process can begin.

Flagstone Stone Sealing

The porosity of Flagstone makes this natural stone highly susceptible to staining. Flagstone is extremely porous and requires a suitable sealant to protect it from permanent damage. The key to effectively protecting Flagstone with a sealant is dwell time. There must be adequate penetration for the sealant to work properly.

Flagstone Stone Polishing

Flagstone is a natural stone that is not usually conducive to polishing processes. To achieve a shine, homeowners might consider a "breathable" topcoat application that will enable this natural stone to have proper ventilation, while achieving the desired shine. Polishing compounds that are formulated for natural stones are best.

Flagstone Stone Honing

It is vitally important that natural stones such as Flagstone are allowed to "breathe" or have normal exposure to air circulation. The application of some topcoats can cut off this exposure and be detrimental to stone over time. Honing or sandblasting Flagstone can restore this natural stone.

Flagstone Stone Stripping

Flagstone should not be shellacked or covered with a topcoat that does not allow proper exposure to air. When improper topcoats have been applied, Stone Care of Arizona, LLC can remove these lacquers or waxes by stripping the coatings from the surface in a safe and efficient manner.

Flagstone Stone Repair

Stone Care of Arizona, LLC takes care to use the mortar, cement or other binding compound that may have been used in the installation of Flagstone to repair it. We go the extra mile to ensure that your repair is according to industry standards and meets with your approval.

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Exemplary service and the high quality cleaning, sealing and polishing services in our neighborhood is our ultimate qoal. You are our neighbors and we work hard to protect your interests. We are proud to offer outstanding natural stone restoration and tile and grout cleaning services in Arizona.

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