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We Are Natural Stone Honing Experts that will bring back the beauty of your natural stone floors. The honing process is a critical stage in the stone restoration process and with an expert team of Natural Stone Care Technicians, you have the assurance of achieving the most favorable results possible.

The beauty of grinding and honing is that no matter how many layers of soil and regardless of the number of scratches and scuffs, the honing process can remove those imperfections and restore natural stone to its original condition. In many cases a light honing will remove foreign matter and imperfections to reveal the beautiful stone that lies beneath.

The honing process must be implemented with precision. Careless honing can do more harm than good. This is the reason we are known as honing experts who can restore natural stone to its original beauty. Honing may also be selected as a a final finish. Due to the rich character of natural stone some opt to keep the honed finish and may forgo the added step of polishing.

If you own Marble, Travertine, Slate, Flagstone or Granite, floors or counter tops, there are many options available to you. The Professionals at Stone Care of Arizona, will assist you in understanding the natural stone finishing options that may be available to you. We take the time to provide as much guidance and coaching as may be needed for you to make an informed decision about your stone.

Benefits of Natural Stone Honing


Love Your Home Again

Travertine, Granite, Marble and Slate can benefit from honing when the surface has become dull or compromised due to harsh chemicals, scratches or scuffs. The result is a beautifully honed floor.


Improve The Value of Your Home

The honing process requires precision and skill. At Stone Care of Arizona LLC, we employ the finest Technicians and train them to excel at their trade. We use only the best honing methods that will achieve the best results. You can trust us to provide you with excellence in natural stone honing services.


Remove Scratches and Scuffs

Our proprietary honing process removes scratches and stains. We effectively even out natural floors that may have scratches or scuffs or stains.


Quick, Clean & Easy Process

At Stone Care of Arizona, LLC, we take pride in what we do. Our honing process will remove scratches, scuffs and


Less Expensive Than Replacement

Honing Travertine, Granite, Marble and Slate is much less expensive than replacing natural stone. The process is thorough and effective and will enhance the appearance of natural stone.

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Commitment, dedication and dogged determination to give you the service you would expect from your neighbor. We know you because we have similar taste is style and quality. This is the reason you can trust us to bring you the quality you would expect from a fellow member of your neighborhood.

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Stone Care of Arizona LLC is admired throughout the Valley. We are known for our kind and courteous staff, Eco-friendly products and our natural stone care expertise. We have proven processes and product that are administered by our professional team. We know what it takes to make your natural stone counter tops and floors beautiful again. Our customers appreciate how we conduct our business, how we deliver a quality product and the methods we use to exceed exceptions.