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Quartz has become the countertop of choice for a variety of reasons. The main reason is due to durability. Quartz can be as resilient as Granite, which means it is scratch resistant, however it is not scratch proof. For all intents and purposes, Quartz a non-porous hard surface. If a common beverage is spilled on Quartz, the surface will not necessarily etch the way Marble or other hard surfaces might.

The reason for this durability comes from the fact that Quartz is engineered from Quartz crystals, resins and pigments. The convergence of these elements create a durable hard surface that is beautiful and functional. The experts at Stone Care of Arizona, LLC are qualified to care for your Quartz countertops.

Quartz Stone Cleaning

Of course common sense is always the best approach when maintaining natural stone. Even though Quartz in not porous, this natural stone is still susceptible to scratching when exposed to abrasive chemicals or pads. Professional cleaning of Quartz is highly desirable to maintain the manufacturer's luster and high gloss.

Quartz Stone Sealing

Due to the non-porous qualities of Quartz, there is no need to seal Quartz countertops. Stone Care of Arizona, LLC can thoroughly clean your Quartz countertops to ensure that your hard surfaces are free of contamination. We are experts at maintaining Quartz and can help you achieve the best results.

Quartz Stone Polishing

Some say that Quartz countertops cannot be polished. We say, leave it the professionals. If your Quartz countertop has lost its gloss, contact Stone Care of Arizona, LLC and we will work toward servicing your Quartz to achieve a finish that is acceptable to you. We have the best solutions!

Quartz Stone Honing

With our proprietary process, we can safely hone your Qurartz countertops. Our customers are delighted at how well we execute our processes to provide their natural stone with the look and feel they are looking for. Stone Care of Arizona, LLC has the expertise to properly maintain your Quartz countertops.

Quartz Stone Stripping

Some Quartz countertops may have had an epoxy topcoat added. Over a period of time, these topcoats may need to be removed from Quartz countertops. Stone Care of Arizona, LLC is committed to using the finest procedures to ensure that the stripping process is carried out effectively and efficiently.

Quartz Stone Repair

Broken or chipped Quartz, particularly along the corners of a countertop can be unsafe as the edges may be jagged and sharp. This could lead to personal injury or it could snag clothing. Stone Care of Arizona can expertly repair chipped Quartz to help protect you and your family.

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As you search for the natural stone care expert in town that can best meet your needs, please remember to check their credentials and level of expertise. Then call Stone Care of Arizona, LLC and expect the very best in natural stone care services. You have our guarantee that our workmanship will be of the highest quality. We value you!

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