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Quartz and Engineered Stone has become the countertop of choice in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Phoenix, Fountain Hills, Cave Creek and in Arizona. The main reason is due to its modern appearance and durability. Quartz and Engineered Stone can be scratch resistant, however they are not scratch proof surfaces. Quartz & Engineered Stone are non-porous hard surfaces, however they are not stain proof. For example, if a dyed based beverage is allowed to dwell the Quartz Countertop, the surface will likely leave a stain.

The reason for their durability comes from the fact the Quartz and Engineered Stone countertop is engineered from Quartz crystals, resins and pigments.The convergence of these elements create a durable hard surface that is beautiful and functional.

Be sure to read the below article for more information on the "misconceptions" of Quartz and Engineered Stone countertops:  

How to Clean Quartz Countertops? 5 Misconceptions About Quartz Countertop Cleaning and Restoration, Part 1 & 2

If you have any questions, give Stone Care of Arizona, Arizona stone expert a call 480-625-0557 or select request pricing.

Quartz & Engineered Stone Countertop Cleaning

Quartz and Engineered Stone do not need to be professionally cleaned. Since this the case, it's always best to keep your Quartz and Engineered Stone cleaned and free of liquid substances that might stain it.                                               

Even though, Quartz and Engineered Stone is less porous, it is still susceptible to issues such as staining, chemical burns and scratching. For this reason, it's best to always keep your countertop clean and dry after every use. Cleaning tip: Never use steel wool, soft scrub, abrasive chemicals and abrasive scrub pads (Green, Black). Avoiding the cleaning tools will help to maintain the manufacturer's shine. If you have any Quartz countertop surface issues, give Stone Care of Arizona, Arizona stone expert a call 480-625-0557. 

Quartz & Engineered Stone Countertop Sealing

Quartz and Engineered Stone do not need to be professionally sealed. Quartz and Engineered Stone come in various factory shines. The shine can vary from low to high luster. Cleaning tip: Never apply a sealer or top coat to create a higher shine. The coating will become abraded and oxidize leading to costly restoration. The experts at Stone Care of Arizona, Arizona stone care expert can help maintain the factory shine if you have experienced a surface issues, give us a call at 480-625-0557 or select request pricing tab on the menu. 

Quartz & Engineered Stone Countertop Polishing

Quartz and Engineered Stone can lose its factory shine when an abrasive scouring pad or abrasive cleanser is used on your Quartz countertop. Also, the factory shine can become abraded due to daily. If you notice micro-scratches or dull areas on the surface of your countertop contact Stone Care of Arizona, Arizona stone care experts. We have the best solutions!

Quartz & Engineered Stone Countertop Scratch Removal

With our proprietary process, we can safely hone out mirco-scratches on your Quartz countertops. Our customers are delighted at how well we execute our processes to provide their Quartz and Engineered Stone with the look and feel they are looking for. Stone Care of Arizona, Arizona stone care expert has the expertise to properly maintain your Quartz countertops .if you need scratched removed from your countertop, give us a call at 480-625-0557 or select request pricing tab on the menu. 

Quartz & Engineered Stone Countertop Stripping

Some Quartz or Engineered Stone countertops may have had an epoxy topcoat added. Over a period of time, these topcoats may need to be removed. Stone Care of Arizona, Arizona stone care expert is committed to using the finest procedures to ensure that the stripping process is carried out effectively and efficiently.

Quartz & Engineered Stone Countertop Repair

Quartz or Engineered Stone Countertops can be broken or chipped. This is particularly along the corners of a countertop. This can be unsafe as the edges may be jagged and sharp. This could lead to personal injury or it could snag clothing. Stone Care of Arizona, Arizona stone care expert can repair chipped Quartz countertops to help protect you and your family. For consultation and Estimate give us a call at 480-625-0557 or select request pricing tab on the menu. 

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