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We Are Grout Sealing Experts

Stone Care of Arizona, LLC has a team of experts that can professionally seal tile and grout. We understand that grout, by its very nature, is porous. This means that unsealed grout lines are susceptible to staining and will absorb moisture. Sealing grout lines is the most effective method one can use to protect the grout channels from mold and mildew and spills from beverages.

At Stone Care of Arizona, LLC we offer a quality sealant that will penetrate and protect sanded or unsanded grout. Usually sanded grout is used when grout channels are wider than 1/8 of an inch. Because sanded grout is resistant to shrinking and does not crack, it is ideal for tiled flooring. By contrast, unsanded grout is smooth and is typically used for tiled walls.

No matter what type of grout was used to bind your tile, Stone Care of Arizona, LLC can properly seal grout. We use products that have been tested and proven to guard against mold and mildew and protect grout channels from dyes found in beverages.

We realize that you have choices in the marketplace in finding a professional to seal your tile and grout. However, when it comes to professional tile and grout sealing services, we are highly regarded for our quality products and the professional services we provide. We have 40 years of experience cleaning and sealing tile and grout and we stand behind our services with our workmanship guarantee.

Benefits of Grout Sealing


Love Your Home Again

Due to the moisture that accumulates over time in bathrooms, pool areas and other places where grout is found, there can be issues with mold and mildew. This organic buildup can be controlled by applying a sealant. Stone Care of Arizona, LLC uses impregnating sealers that create an invisiable barrier, which make grout moisture resistant.


Improve The Value of Your Home

The sparkle of freshly cleaned tile and grout can be extended to last much longer when grout lines are properly sealed. Sealant can protect grout lines against harmful moisture, which penetrates the gout's surface and eventually compromise the integrity of grout. Stone Care of Arizona, LLC uses quality grout sealant to protect tile and grout.


Remove Scratches and Scuffs

There are many ways to avoid the need for replacing tile and grout. One way enhance the appearance of tile and grout is to color seal grout lines. Color sealing is different from sealing in that the color seal actually changes the color of grout lines whereas there is no change in appearance with sealing.


Quick, Clean & Easy Process

Stone Care of Arizona, LLC is responsive to your needs. No matter the project, we are here to respond to whatever challenges there may be. Tile and grout sealing is a must-have precautionary service that helps to make porous gout lines less susceptible to staining, mold and mildew.


Less Expensive Than Replacement

Stone Care of Arizona, LLC works wonders on tile and grout. Our standards are high and our aim is to please our customers. We work with precision and with attention to detail. Our customers call us again and again because they know we care. We perform tile and grout cleaning and sealing with superior expertise.

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When we service members of our family with natural stone restoration and tile and grout cleaning, we give them "the royal treatment." What is "the royal treatment"? It's where we go above and beyond in an effort to please our family. That's what you are to us. We are your neighbors and we understand your unique natural stone care needs.

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We are determined to exceed your expectations! At Stone Care of Arizona, LLC we are relentless, when it comes to offering a quality service to our customers. We want you to be absolutely thrilled with the services we provide. No other company cares about your investment the way we do. Our customers gladly share their experiences with others and it is an established fact that we go above and beyond to win the loyalty of our customers.