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Even the most beautiful carpets can become frayed at the transitional points, along baseboards, entry ways and along seams. Some homeowners are unaware that rips and tears and frayed edges of carpets can be repaired. Taking time to repair these damaged ares in carpet can make all the difference in how the carpet is perceived by those enjoying the room. In addition, to aesthetics, damaged echniciancarpeting will only become worse over time. As the carpet endures more and more foot traffic, tears and frayed edges can become even more mangled or unraveled.

Stone Care of Arizona LLC employs Technicians who are knowledgeable and skilled at repairing carpet. We are Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) Master Textile Cleaners. This means we have industry trained Technicians to proficiently repair carpets that have issues with fraying along the carpet edge and with seams that have become loosened. As Certified Carpet Repair Technicians, we can repair your carpet with precision.

As always, With Stone Care of Arizona, LLC, you will receive the care and attention to detail that your carpet repair deserves. Even when your carpet requires a repair due to a cigarette burn other mishap, our Technicians can take the required steps to remove the damaged section of the carpet and replace. No longer is it necessary to ignore damaged carpet that can be repaired by our expert Technicians.

Benefits of Carpet Repair


Love Your Home Again

When carpets have not been properly installed, they can sometimes form wrinkles. These wrinkles are not only a distraction from the beauty of the room, it can also create a hazard for those walking on the carpet. The easiest solution to address wrinkles in carpeting is to allow us to power stretch your carpet.


Improve The Value of Your Home

When it comes to saving a carpet from replacement, Stone Care of Arizona, LLC is the best resource for homeowners. We can seal seams that may have come apart and we can replace sections of carpet that have become damaged. Rather than discard your favorite carpet due to minor damage, call us for repair service.


Extend The Life of Your Carpet

If your carpet is affected by excessive water, call Stone Care of Arizona, LLC as soon as possible so that we can mitigate the damage. We have the equipment and expertise to thoroughly dry your carpets. When called as first responders, we can apply proper chemistry to prevent mold from developing.


Quick, Clean & Easy Process

Carpet repair, in recent years has become a lost art. However we at Stone Care of Arizona, LLC understand how critical it can be to save a carpet that may be an heirloom or has sentimental value for the homeowner or family. We are expert carpet repairers and can help to salvage your investment.


Less Expensive Than Replacement

Wool, silk and nylon carpeting are particularly susceptible to carpet damage. Seams may come apart, edges may become frayed or even excessive water may be the culprit. No matter what the circumstances may be, Stone Care of Arizona, LLC can provide carpet repair to fix the problem. We can even power stretch carpet!

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Arizonans are a special group of people. We take good care of our neighbors. We have pride of workmanship that is incomparable. This is the reason you can trust Stone Care of Arizona to give you exceptional carpet repair, natural stone restoration and tile and grout cleaning services. We are members of your community and we are committed to you.

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With a longstanding reputation in the textiles and hard surfaces cleaning industry, Stone Care of Arizona, LLC outshines the competition. We are experts in our field and we have the highest performance standards available in the Greater Phoenix area. We are determined to out perform all others in the marketplace. When you are looking for consistency, reliability and efficiency, Stone Care of Arizona shines through as the best option. We are serious about customer service!