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What natural stone can compare to the value found in Travertine? Travertine is widely popular in the West and Southwest and offers versatility and charm. As a form of limestone, Travertine is quarried from sedimentary rock that is found in earth tones of browns, rust, tans and creamy white colors.

Stone Care of Arizona, LLC has been caring for natural stone, such as Travertine for over 40 years. We use processes that have undergone rigorous analysis according to industry standards. Our Technicians are dedicated employees who work hard to exceed your expectations. As Travertine natural stone care experts, we take pride in providing the very finest in Travertine cleaning services to every home and business we service.

Travertine Stone Cleaning

Travertine natural stone must be cleaned with a neutral cleaner that is not highly acidic or alkaline. We use products that have been approved for natural stone and will not create etching in Travertine. Our processes ensure quality care for Travertine.

Travertine Stone Sealing

With any investment comes the responsibility of proper maintenance and care. Travertine is no different. This natural stone is porous and requires a sealant that will protect it from beverages and oil based foods. Sealants provided by Stone Care of Arizona, LLC are the most effective by far.

Travertine Stone Polishing

Travertine is the perfect natural stone to polish to a beautiful radiance. Polishing is always a personal preference and is an interactive process. At Stone Care of Arizona, LLC, we listen to your concerns and desires so that we can achieve the results that you are looking for.

Travertine Stone Honing

When Travertine has been scratched or etched, it is the perfect candidate for natural stone honing. Stone Care of Arizona's proven technique is widely accepted by professional experts in the industry. We hone Travertine to restore this natural stone to its natural condition.

Travertine Stone Stripping

Stripping Travertine should always be left to the professionals. Discerning homeowners trust us to provide superior Travertine stone stripping. Not only do we protect the natural stone we are stripping, we also take precautions to protect your secondary surfaces. Your appliances, baseboards and Sheetrock are safe with us.

Travertine Stone Repair

Travertine can require hole or crack filling. When this service is needed, it always best to call Stone Care of Arizona, LLC. We are the Travertine stone repair experts. We pay close attention to detail while providing you with phenomenal customer service. Our Travertine repair services are exceptional!

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Our team offers the finest in natural stone restoration and tile and grout cleaning services. We are your neighbors and we are committed to providing the highest quality cleaning, sealing and polishing services. Your community is our community and you deserve the finest services available in Arizona.

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Our clients love us because we settle for nothing less than their complete satisfaction. We guarantee the services we provide and work diligently to ensure that you have an awesome cleaning experience. We call it our, "Make You Smile Guarantee." Call us for a comprehensive estimate of your project and let us demonstrate our commitment to you.