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We Are Carpet and Upholstery Scotchguard Experts

We Are Carpet and Upholstery Scotchguard Experts. Carpet and fabric protectant has been used for decades to help keep carpet fibers and upholstery fabrics cleaner longer. Most textiles are hydrophilic, which means "water loving." Carpets and upholstery fabrics that are hydrophilic are more susceptible to water based staining. By the same token, carpets and upholstery can also be oleophilic, which means "oil loving." Carpets and upholstery made from oleophilic fibers can stain easily due to oil based foods.

Stone Care of Arizona, LLC uses Scotchgard to protect fibers from water based or oil based stains. We understand how much your investment means to you and your family. This is why we always offer Scothgard carpet and fiber protectant whenever we clean carpets or upholstery. Scotchgard is a high quality product that has a proven track record in the industry for protecting fibers from soiling and staining.

While most textiles absorb or adsorb stains due to polarity, Scothgard repels liquids and blocks stains. The end result is that your carpeting and upholstery stays cleaner longer and this protection can help to improve the overall performance of these textiles.

Due to their high absorbency, silk and wool carpet and upholstery are particularly vulnerable to spills and other accidents. Scotchgard that is specifically formulated for these natural fibers are particularly beneficial.

For optimal protection of your fine upholstery and carpeting, you can trust Stone Care of Arizona, LLC to provide genuine Scothgard fiber protectant services.

Benefits of Carpet and Upholstery Scotchgard


Protect Your Investments

Spills and accidents may not be preventable. However, the prevention of stains can be. Stone Care of Arizona LLC has been using Scotchgard to guard against stains and rapid soiling for decades. We never cut corners. We understand how to apply the appropriate amount of Scotchgard to achieve the desired results.


Improves Indoor Air Quality

Clean carpet and clean upholstery can lead to a healthier indoor environment. An application of Scotchgard that has been correctly applied, can help to create an invisible barrier that repels soiling and helps to keep carpet and upholstery clean for longer periods of time. Stone Care of Arizona, LLC advocates for Scotchgard because it works!


Easier Clean Up

We can demonstrate how effectively Scotchgard works with a simple interactive demo. We offer a test to gauge whether your carpet or upholstery has been protected. We can also provide a demonstration so that you can see how effectively Scotchgard protects your carpet or upholstery from soiling and staining.


Quick, Clean & Easy Process

An application of Scotchgard is easy to apply. When our well trained Technicians perform Scotchgard treatment services, we first ensure that the solution is the correct concentration. Secondly, grooming the Scotchgard to ensure even distribution is critical to favorable results. Our Technicians take the time to properly groom protectant with an effective dry plan.


Less Expensive Than Replacement

The replacement value of carpet and upholstery can be cost prohibitive. For this reason, Stone Care of Arizona, LLC offers Scotchgard services to our customers. The protective qualities of Scotchgard bring lasting protection against stains and soiling when applied correctly on a regular basis. Scotchgard is the best option available to protect carpet and upholstery.

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