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Slate is quarried in large slabs from metamorphic rock and is typically found in green, gray, and black. However, it can also come in gold, purple and blue. Although Slate is chosen to cover floors due to its durability, it is also a very brittle natural stone. The rustic almost jagged, uneven surface of Slate is the reason many interior designers choose this natural stone as a floor covering in residential and business settings alike.

Our team at Stone Care of Arizona, LLC can ensure that your Slate floors are properly maintained. We use the finest solutions to make certain that your Slate is always aesthetically pleasing and wears extremely well. We are the natural stone care experts of choice!

Slate Stone Cleaning

Due to the rigid uneven surface of slate, it can be a challenge for many homeowners to manage. Our proven Slate cleaning strategy ensures that your natural stone is properly cleaned and ready for use as quickly as possible. We use solutions that are specifically formulated for natural stone.

Slate Stone Sealing

Vinegar and lemon juice can leave permanent stains in Slate. Sealing Slate and resealing Slate as needed is vitally important. Stone Care of Arizona, LLC uses a specialized impregnating sealant that provides maximum protection against the staining of natural stone and especially protects Slate.

Slate Stone Polishing

At Stone Care of Arizona, LLC, we understand that Slate can only be polished if it has been properly honed until the surface is smooth. However, the most effective way to add a sheen to Slate is to apply a topcoat. A topcoat will not compromise the integrity of slate.

Slate Stone Honing

Slate is honed in only special instances. The rough jagged surface of Slate is indicative of its very nature. This is the reason honing of Slate is only performed when a smooth, uniformed surface is desired. We can provide proper consultation if honing is desired.

Slate Stone Stripping

As with most natural stones, special care must be taken when stripping Slate. However, Slate is a flaky natural stone that can easily chip. Stone Care of Arizona can ensure that the stripping process is executed with the greatest care, making certain that Slate is not damaged in the process.

Slate Stone Repair

Slate can break under impact and sometimes requires repair. At Stone Care of Arizona, we can repair Slate cracks, fissures and chips. Sometimes, tiles will need to be replaced. In other cases, some of the grout may be missing. Whatever the case may be, we are natural stone repair experts.

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High quality natural stone restoration and tile and grout cleaning services in Arizona can be found just moments from where you live. We are just a phone call away because we are your neighbors. Therefore, you can expect dedication and commitment that you can't find anywhere else.

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