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The dazzling appeal of Onyx can have a mesmerizing affect. This translucent stone is derived from the quartz family and can be found in various hues of red, black, and white. Most Onyx is quarried and made into slabs, blocks or tiles. It is also a fragile stone that should receive periodic professional care.

Stone Care of Arizona, LLC provides the professional care that Onyx requires. Since this natural stone can easily crack or chip, it vitally important to allow the experts to handle the cleaning. Our Technicians are highly skilled at providing quality natural stone care and will properly manage the cleaning service of your Onyx. We are leading natural stone care experts!

Onyx Stone Cleaning

Almost everyone agrees that Onyx is a natural stone that is a rare commodity that is used almost exclusively in very fine buildings. Expert cleaning of natural stone care is our business. We will properly clean your Onyx with soft water and with solutions that do not contain abrasives.

Onyx Stone Sealing

Like most natural stones, Onyx is porous. Our team at Stone Care of Arizona, LLC uses a polishing gel to protect this precious natural stone and help to guard against the build up of contaminants. This is especially true of Onyx shower stalls.

Onyx Stone Polishing

We use industrial diamonds to polish Onyx that may have become etched due to improper cleaning solutions or unfortunate acid spills from wine or beverages. Polishing Onyx is a service that Stone Care of Arizona, LLC provides with pride. We protect your investment as if it were our own.

Onyx Stone Honing

Stone Care of Arizona, LLC provides honing services for natural stone. We use cutting edge technology to ensure that your investment is always secure and well cared for. We take our time to properly prepare natural stone for the honing process. We offer the finest care!

Onyx Stone Stripping

It is rare that there would ever be a topcoat applied to Onyx. However, in those rare cases, you can trust Stone Care of Arizona, LLC to safely remove any topcoat or wax that may have been applied. We use the highest quality products to ensure effective removal.

Onyx Stone Repair

We are known for our expertise in natural stone repair. We understand that accidents can happen to natural stone. Stone Care of Arizona, LLC can transform the most challenging cracks or fissures to maximize the beauty of the stone.

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Our neighbors are important to us. Therefore, we never cut corners and we use only the highest quality products available in Arizona. We are proud of the natural stone restoration and tile and grout cleaning services we offer. You can trust us to do our absolute best because we care about giving you our very best.

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Our clients love us because we settle for nothing less than their complete satisfaction. We guarantee the services we provide and work diligently to ensure that you have an awesome cleaning experience. We call it our, "Make You Smile Guarantee." Call us for a comprehensive estimate of your project and let us demonstrate our commitment to you.