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Arizonians take pleasure in southwestern interior design which may include Saltillo Tile flooring. Authentic Saltillo Tile is handmade in Mexico and can be found in various tones of orange, red or yellow. Saltillo Tile is porous and must be properly sealed to protect against staining and scuffs. To ensure that these tiles are properly cared for, they should be professionally cleaned and sealed on a regular basis, depending upon traffic and usage.

Stone Care of Arizona, LLC has been cleaning and sealing Saltillo Tiles for decades. We understand the unique characteristics of Saltillo Tile. We carefully inspect tiles to determine the level of fragility and porosity before we begin the cleaning process.

Saltillo Stone Cleaning

The inspection process involves looking for weak tiles and noting any chips or damage. We also inspect to see if a topcoat is present. While topcoats can give Saltillo Tile a shinny attractive finish, over time some of the topcoat will wear away giving the floor an uneven appearance.

Saltillo Stone Sealing

At Stone Care of Arizona, LLC, we use neutral cleaners to clean Saltillo Tile. Our solutions are eco-friendly and effective. Due to the porous nature of Saltillo, sealant is absolutely necessary to protect these tiles from staining and scuffs. Our penetrating sealant is perfect for Saltillo Tile!

Saltillo Stone Polishing

Some owners of Saltillo Tile choose to have a topcoat applied to their tile. This is the most acceptable way of adding a polished looking finish to Saltillo. Topcoats have the added benefit of offering further protection from damage. Stone Care of Arizona, LLC can apply a beautiful topcoat!

Saltillo Stone Honing

Saltillo Tiles are never honed! These tiles are not quarried from natural rock that can be subjected to the removal of layers from the surface. Instead, Saltillo Tiles are hand made from clay that has been extracted from the ground. Like pottery, the clay is fired in a kiln.

Saltillo Stone Stripping

Stone Care of Arizona, LLC is the premier company that has the expertise to properly strip topcoat from Saltillo Tile. Our Technicians can differentiate between a soiled floor and a topcoat in need of stripping. We are floor stripping experts!

Saltillo Stone Repair

Stone Care of Arizona, LLC can work with the rustic look of Saltillo Tile to ensure a beautiful outcome. Chips around the edges, where Saltillo Tiles have a tendency to be more fragile can easily be resealed to blend in with the rest of the tiles on the floor.

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