Tile & Grout and Natrual Stone Care Cleaning, Sealing, Polishing and Natrual Stone Restoration in Glendale, AZ

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Stone Care of Arizona, is the Arizona Stone Care expert in Glendale, Arizona. Stone Care of Arizona, is a local business that takes prides in providing their customers with extraordinary natural stone and tile and grout services.

Consider what sets Stone Care of Arizona apart:


The precursor to sealing flooring or counter-tops is properly cleaning the surfaces of natural stone and tile and grout. We apply a soap-free cleaning agent that emulsifies and suspends oily substances and unwanted soil. We then "vapor exact" microscopic soil with steam leaving your tile and grout and natural stone looking AMAZING!


Once your flooring or countertop are thoroughly clean, we perform a porosity test. A porosity test determines how many coats of impregnating seal is needed. We apply several coats of penetrating seal to create maximum protection. The impregnating seal protects grout lines as well as the surfaces of Marble, Travertine, Limestone, Slate, Granite, Flagstone, Slate, Saltillo and Terra Cotta.

Penetrating seal works by blocking micro-pores and allows natural stone and grout lines to breath while preventing staining. Understandably, this is the reason properly cleaning Marble, Granite, Slate, Travertine, Saltillo, Limestone and Terra Cotta is so important. Stone Care of Arizona in Glendale is here to help protect your tile and grout and natural stone.

We use industry approved processes for restoring, Marble, Travertine and Limestone, Slate, Granite, Flagstone, Slate, Saltillo and Terra Cotta and other natural stones.

How We Are Better

Honing - Removing Scratches

Foot traffic and improper mopping will degrade the appearance of natural stone over time. Light honing will provide depth and clarity to the surface. The honing process is sometimes needed prior to polishing natural stone.

Stripping - Removing Wax From Natural Stone in Glendale

It is common for Flagstone, Slate, Saltillo, Terra Cotta to have a "wax" applied. Stripping and reapplying a top coat requires an onsite estimate to asses the scope of the job.

Make Your Smile Guarantee

We offer two types of warranties, the first is our “workmanship” guarantee and the other is our “money back” guarantee.

30-Day Workmanship Guarantee

We strive to create a successful cleaning experience. We are happy to return for any reason to "reclean," "reapply seal," "rehone" and "polish" any area that does not meet your expectations.

Money Back Guarantee

If we are unable to clean, seal, hone and polish the area after we have returned, we will "refund" the serviced area that fails to meet your expectations.

Our "MAKE YOU SMILE GUARANTEE" is your assurance we will create an AWESOME cleaning experience.

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Our Clients Love Us

The best part of any cleaning, sealing, polishing, natural stone restoration process is hearing "our" clients say, "WOOOOOW!!!" "It looks beautiful!" This is the ultimate validation for us at Stone Care of Arizona. We look forward to hearing similar sentiment from you.

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