TILE & GROUT CLEANING - 4 Tips on Keeping Your Floors Cleaner!

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Many of your neighbors in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley, Arizona find it challenging to maintain their tile and grout. It is not uncommon for them to spend more than $4,000 annually on cleaning products, housekeepers and floor refinishing services. Unfortunately, without proper cleaning products and methodology, their herculean efforts will not prevent their tile and grout from continuing to darken. This information is provided by Stone Care of Arizona, Arizona stone care experts, to assist you in caring for your tile and grout. 

Following are four tips on tile and grout cleaning.  


One of the common mopping mistakes is the repeated application of a high alkaline mopping solution on your tile and natural stone. Most high alkaline cleaners leave a sticky soil attracting residue on your floors. Eventually, the residue may cause the grout to darken and even discolor.

A Few Words on Housekeeping Services:

The best defense to soil removal is understanding the value of soil removal. Vacuuming floors beforehand lessen soil becoming a soil slurry and effective at  removing germs attached to soil. If you use an Arizona based housekeeping service, the majority will use a popular all-purpose cleaner as their preferred mopping cleaner primarily because of the fragrance. Improper mopping techniques along with the repeated use of any all-purpose cleaning product may exacerbate the darkening of tile and grout and leave a soil attracting sticky residue. Instructing your housekeeping service change their approach. Anytime they use their nice smelling mopping solution, insist they rinsing the tile and natural stone floors with Zep Neutral Floor Cleaner. Why? Doing so not only lower the pH it will assist in removing the residue and preventing discoloration. 


Alkaline based mopping cleaners should be used on "soiled areas" only. Break the housekeeping service habit of mopping all of your floors with the same mopping cleaner. Insist the housekeeping service to change the water on every 400 square feet of flooring. Neutral cleaners should be use as your main mopping solution on light duty cleaning with a microfiber mop. Frankly, not all homes need all purpose or alkaline based mopping solutions on their floors. How do you know what you need? For example, if you are a power user of your kitchen, children, dogs and frequent guests, using an alkaline based  mopping solution in the kitchen and surround areas may make sense. Conversely, if you are an empty nester, the house is used during the beautiful winters  and occasionally cook, it would make sense to use a light duty neutral cleaner mopping technique with a microfiber mop. 

For sanitary purposes, mops and cleaning equipment should be replaced periodically. NEVER allow the housekeeping services to use they vacuum and mops and cleaning products. Control the equipment and product used on your floors, you control the cleaning process!  We highly recommend that you thoroughly investigate the cleaning products that you bring into your home.  Remember to keep children and pets away from all cleaning products.


The cleaning product the housekeeping services uses smells. Their all-purpose mopping solutions do not kill harmful germ. Disinfecting your floors is key to keeping harmful bacteria and germs at bay. Adding an extra step to their mopping routine might be a consideration. Once your floor are mopped and have dried. Instruct the housekeeping service to add another step. Take a dedicated trigger sprayer and add Lysol to the cleaning process. Any commercial disinfect will work. Apply the disinfectant to the surface off the floor and use a microfiber mop to wipe the floor. The Lysol will kill harmful germs. 

If you are concerned about pets and prefer a natural product you are not alone. 

Here is link of the products we use to disinfect tile and natural stone:  

One-Step Hospital-Grade Botanical Disinfectant that's Less Toxic than Vinegar! 

Caution: Never mix all purpose mopping solution and disinfectant together unless recommended by manufacturers. 


The mopping techniques used to clean your tile and grout are as important as the cleaner used.

Here are Stone Care of Arizona’s mopping suggestions:

  • Remove all gritty insoluble soil. Hard surface vacuum cleaner is best way to sequester soil.
  • Detail grout lines with broom and re-vacuum floors.
  • Begin mopping in small section at the farthest part of the room.
  • Apply mopping solution with trigger sprayer in selected area. Grout may require additional spraying.   
  • Use a grout brush and scrub the grout channel.
  • Using a Microfiber mop with handle, make repetitive scrubbing motions to absorb soil.  Change out cleaning solution as required.
  • Use a clean Microfiber mop and dry the tile before moving into next section.
  • Use floor or ceiling fans to speed up drying

Check the floor and make sure each section is thoroughly cleaned.


Traditional mop and bucket often leave the floors too wet. The increasing popularity of Microfiber mopping technology makes cleaning your tile and grout easier and less cumbersome.

We strongly recommend that you purchase high quality Microfiber mops and handle. 

Below is an example of a Microfiber mop and bucket:

The Latest Technology in Mopping Tile & Natural Stone Floors

The above mopping system allows Scottsdale and Paradise Valley, Arizona consumers to clean multiple surfaces not limited to wood, laminate, tile and natural stone floors and countertops.

Be sure to set aside dedicated mops for countertop cleaning only. Do not wash the countertop mops with the floor mops. Make sure the housekeeping service that uses the mop and bucket cleaning approach, empty buckets often to prevent cross contamination.

There are two types of mop heads

  • Microfiber Mop Heads Made out of Polyester Antibacterial Coatings prevent bacteria from staying attached once washed. These coatings are customized to ensure that mops do not become a breeding ground for microbes.
  • Microfiber heads made out of Cotton work well for absorbing substances and is ideal for finish mopping where deep clean and drying are important.  When cleaning mop be sure to wash with bleach to ensure they are sanitized next before use.

The link below is an example of an innovative microfiber mopping system:

Traditional mops:

 Microfiber Mopping System

Remember using the correct mopping technique will lessen the “residue footprint” on your tile & grout. This will prevent build-up in tile crevices and will slow the progression to darken grout. Avoid flooding out the tile and grout to prevent staining and costly restoration.

A few words on Steam Mops: 
Steam mops are very popular these days in eliminating germs and bacteria. However, improper use of a steam mop on tile can weakened grout leading to grout cracking and powdering out overtime. Steam mops should work with a mopping routine. Always mop the tile and grout beforehand and use the steam mop afterward to disinfect. 

The link below is about steam mops: 

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Using a Steam Floor Mop


Most Scottsdale and Paradise Valley, Arizona consumers have busy schedules. Many busy homemakers and professionals as shared hire housekeeping services to maintain their floors. If you are like most, you trust that the services are trained and cognizant of new cleaning methodologies. Unfortunately, some housekeeping services mop your floors improperly, often leading to costly restoration. Therefore, proper vetting is imperative. Housekeeping services play a vital role in keeping the home healthy.    

In conclusion, proper floor care is crucial to good indoor air quality and protecting your investment. We recommend that you have your tile and grout cleaned every 12 months. If you would like a free estimate, contact Stone Care of Arizona at 480-625-0557.

This consumer information is brought to you by Stone Care of Arizona, LLC, Arizona stone care experts. We specialize in cleaning and sealing Porcelain and Ceramic tile. To get an estimate please contact us  at 480-625-0557,