Cleaning and Sealing Onyx in Paradise Valley, Arizona
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If you have Onyx installed in your home, you are not alone in needing cleaning and sealing services. Onyx is installed on kitchen countertops, walls, islands, bars, hearths, backsplashes patios, and in restrooms. Where does Onyx come from? Onyx is a cousin of Travertine and is harvested from mountain regions in different parts of the world. How does Onyx get its unique colorations? Onyx is formed by a band of cryptocrystalline composed of mineral crystals of quartz and morganite. Stone Care of Arizona, LLC, the premiere Onyx cleaning and sealing company would like to share a few positive and negative characteristics about cleaning and sealing Onyx in Paradise Valley, Arizona.

Let's consider two positive characteristics

Cleaning and Sealing Onyx in Paradise Valley, Arizona


Since Onyx is composed of fine bands of mineral crystals that give color characteristics than no other natural stone provides. It is Onyx's arresting crystal formation that provides astute clients the one of a kind natural stone décor. Simply stated, Onyx provides a stunning appearance and elegance. When installed Onyx is installed with backlighting to amplify its formations. Onyx wows everyone with its veining and coloration.


Some designers in their enthusiasm can provide that one of kind look and feel, may not consider the location and possible issues connected to installing Onyx in your home. This is the case, whenever Onyx is installed in the kitchen, bars, restrooms, and patios, How?

Now, let’s consider two negative characteristics:


Onyx is acid sensitive natural stone. This catches homeowners by surprise. Even striking, when many homeowners get a rude awakening seeing unique splattering and spots one their Onyx. Here is a factoid to consider, there are two types of etching, “surface and sublevel.” The degree of the etch impression will correspond with the pH of the acid-based cleaner or substance allow to remain on the Onyx. 

We provide a limited list of substances and cleaners that can etch Travertine, Marble, Limestone, Terrazzo, Conglomerates, and Onyx in a consumer article we wrote.

Check the link below to read:

How to Remove and Etch on Natural Stones

The common misconception is that sealing your countertop can prevent etching. FACT: You can limit the surface damage caused by acid-based substances when the Onyx countertop is regularly cleaned and professionally sealed. Properly sealed Oynx Countertop is based on the porosity of the natural stone. Porosity is based on how fast liquids can pass through the Onyx. The more fluids pass through the Oynx countertop, the fewer applications of the sealer are needed to create repellency. Conversely, the "less" fluids pass the less impregnating sealer is needed to be applied after cleaning. 

Here is a tip for the DIY consumer: Repeated sealing applications will help create a "resistant barrier." Please note, properly sealed Onyx countertop will not be "stain-proof," but will give you a chance to wipe off any acidic substance spilled on the Onyx countertop.  


Believe or not, Onyx can be scratched easily. How? When you use improper cleaning agents such as scrubbing compounds like Ajax, Comet and Soft scrub to clean, you will damage the countertop surface and remove the factory sheen or luster of Travertine, Limestone, Marble, Terrazzo, Conglomerates, and Onyx. Most metal objects can scratch the countertop surface as well. How? Metal footings such as portable planters, pots and pans, taps from the legs of furniture, and collectibles with an MOH hardness higher than 4-6, candle holders and dense metal objects with a MOH scale over 5 and higher will damage the surface. What is this MOH scale of hardness?

Check the link below to read:

The article below link will give you added context to the hardness of objects.

Understanding The MOH Scale of Hardness

The success you have with Onyx countertop and flooring is based on "prevention" and change of "cleaning methodology." This will spare you having to hire an Arizona Stone Care and Tile & grout company to restore the surface. There are lots of benefits to having Stone Care of Arizona, to clean and seal your Onyx.


It doesn’t matter what type of natural stone you may have in your home. Stone Care of Arizona, LLC the premier stone care company recommends all-natural stone and tile be professionally cleaned and sealed. Why? All stones are kept in a dirty environment before installation and often installed by hands that are dirty as well. Sadly, most installers do not wash their hands and will use soiled rags to wipe after installation. Wiping a countertop will not remove embedded soil trapped in the micropores of your Onyx. Couple this fact, most natural stone, and tile surfaces can become unsanitary when they are not professionally cleaned after installation, how?

All surfaces are under siege by unwanted substances every day. For example, dispense carbons, indoor contamination from candles, plug-in fresheners and airborne contamination will create a sticky residue on your hard surfaces. Couple this with the various oily substances from cooking spills from beverages that make it virtually impossible to keep a clean surface. In many kitchens where food preparation is done. Countertops, walls, backsplashes will harbor germs and viruses. Yuck!!!!! These reasons alone provide proof that Onyx should be professional cleaned and thereafter sealed.

In Part 2 we share some tips and explain in detail the cleaning and sealing process. 

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