HOW TO CLEAN QUARTZ COUNTER-TOPS AND ENGINEERED STONE IN SCOTTSDALE AND CAVE CREEK, ARIZONA?Quartz countertops or Engineered stones have a semi-finish appearance and are manufactured into slabs. They have a faux natural stone appearance but are less expensive to own. Stone Care of Arizona, LLC, the cleaning, sealing and polishing expert would like to share some cleaning tips on taking care of Quartz or Engineered stone countertops. 

There are several engineered stones on the market today with various names not limited to Silestone quartz, cleaning Corina, cleaning Zodiac, Caesarstone, Okite, Icestone, Santa Margherita quartz, TechniStone, cleaning Viatera quartz-based line of engineered stone and cleaning Formica stone in Glendale, Cave Creek, and North Valley of Arizona.


Even, though Quartz countertops are less likely to absorb water, they can stain and are prone to scratch. They can become damaged when homeowners place hot utensils and pots on them. Do not use soft scrub to clean or you will remove the finish. Quartz or Engineered can become a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria similar to their natural stone counterpart. Even if you purchase an anti-bacterial coating, viruses and bacteria can become immune the same way as anti-bacterial products overtime. For this reason, we recommend regular surface cleaning to keep your surfaces cleaned and that you hire a professional to clean your countertops. 


  1. Purchase a gallon of plan based disinfectant for use around kitchen surfaces. If you do not use your counter-top to cut food, this suggestion may not apply.
  2. Purchase a dedicated trigger sprayer – Be sure to write “disinfectant” on the bottle
  3. Purchase reusable plastic gloves.  
  4. Purchase a bag of dedicated cleaning towels
  5. Purchase a long hand white bristled brush


  1. Wear gloves for protection
  2. Mix disinfectant according to the directions – avoid over mixing.
  3. Take some dish soap and mix in your sink (add hot water first followed by dish soap to avoid becoming overwhelmed with bubbles.)
  4. Take a cup and pour soapy water in a small area of the countertop.
  5. Take brush and scrub the soap (Alkaline) mixture over the countertop without over wetting and causing the soapy mixture to spill over the edges.
  6. Allow the solution to soak and cause the cleaning agent to break down oily substances.
  7. Take one towel and begin absorbing the emulsified soli until it is clean. Repeat in areas if need to remove the unwanted oily substances trapped on the surface.
  8. Empty sink of soapy water
  9. Take a damp towel and wipe and rinse and wipe until there is no dark patina left on the towel.

Depending on the size of the quartz countertop the process takes less than 30 mins.   

  1. Take trigger sprayer with disinfectant and mist the countertop generously without over wetting.
  2. Allow it to soak on the surface about 10 mins. This will allow the disinfectant to kill the germs and virus. Please note: change disinfectants once a year to prevent germ and viruses from building a resistance to disinfectants.tzt
  3. Take a fresh towel and remove excess. Rinse in cold water from sink and remove until surface is damp.
  4. Take a dry towel and wipe until dry.
  5. Repeat on surfaces when necessary

The above 14 steps will keep your quartz countertops clean and free of harmful viruses and germs. Even, if you do the cleaning yourself, we recommend that you have your surfaces professionally cleaned once a year.  

Stone Care of Arizona, LLC, the natural stone care cleaning and sealing expert is the undisputed natural stone expert in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Fountain Hills, Cave Creek, Glendale and Cave Creek, Arizona.

We will professionally clean your countertops in the following manner.

  • Inspect your countertop before cleaning for cleanability
  • Protect the surrounding areas to ensure high customer satisfaction
  • Apply a detergent free cleaning agent (will not leave a sticky substance)
  • Power scrub the surface of the countertop
  • Use high heat to remove unwanted contamination
  • Dry surface

Stone Care of Arizona, LLC, the natural stone care cleaning and sealing experts can professionally clean and seal all your surfaces including flooring. If you need your quartz and engineered countertops cleaned and sealed, please give Stone Care of Arizona, LLC, the natural stone care expert a call at 480-625-0557

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