How to Clean Quartz Countertop? Misconceptions About Quartz, Part 2.

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If you live in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Temp, Mesa, Cave Creek, and Fountain Hills and have a Quartz or Engineered Stone countertops in your home, you are probably wondering how to clean and avoid damaging your Quartz. You are not alone, Stone Care of Arizona, Arizona stone care experts receives numerous calls regarding accidental damage to their Quartz countertop. In part 1, we shared information on 3 of 6 misconceptions regarding the proper care of Quartz and Engineered Stone countertops.   

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You are now ready for Part 2, as we unlock common misconceptions regarding Quartz and Engineered Stone. Since Quartz and Engineered Stone is the new emerging countertop there are issues beginning to develop in the marketplace based on consumer misconceptions. Contrary to popular opinion, Quartz and be damaged and the factory shine can be removed. Not all Quartz and Engineered Stone countertops have high manufacturing standards and damage proof factory shine. There are variations of factory shine. The good news is that if your countertops have become damaged or have lost the factory shine due to improper maintenance Stone Carer of Arizona, Arizona stone care expert can resort most factory shine. 

Stone Care of Arizona, the Arizona stone care experts would like to share 3 more misconceptions about Quartz countertops:

Quartz Countertop Misconception #4: Quartz is stain proof! 

If Quartz and Engineered Stone countertop can be scratched, it follows that it can also be stained. Since Quartz and Engineered Stone countertops are not impervious to staining, they can become stained where the "resin sectors" are on the countertop. These "resin sectors" are soft materials used as coloration and slab binders.  

Simply stated, your Quartz and Engineered Stone countertop is not stain proof! Quartz and Engineered Stone countertops are water and stain resistant! This means, your preventing mishaps is the best way to protect your investment.


Most chemical burns can happen during fabrication and installation. Chemical burns can also happen when consumers, service professionals, and housekeepers create countertop surface issues. One way to prevent chemical burns is to create a “psychological boundary” around your Quartz’s countertop.

  • Never allow Quartz countertops to be used as a staging place. Metal containers (solvents) and dye-based liquids allowed prolong contact with countertops can create chemical burns leading to costly restoration. 
  • Never allow solvent-based spotters to soak or dwell on your Quartz and Engineered Stone countertop. 
  • Protect Quartz and Engineered Stone countertops from hot cooking oil spills to avoid chemical burns.
  • Never allow water to consistently dry on your Quartz’s. As you may be aware, water can be acidic and corrosive. This is true when you allow water with a higher concentration of calcium magnesium (Well water). Water on the surface may penetrate the resin sector (absorbent) of the countertop. Attempting to remove the "whitish residue" improperly with the wrong cleaner or cleansers can lead to countertop surface damage. 
  • Never allow organic and synthetic dyes from beverages, beets, curry, to dwell on your quartz countertop. It’s better to ban the pouring of dye-based beverages over the countertop just to be safe. 
  • Avoid spilling hot tea, coffee, and chocolate on your countertop. The tannin in hot coffee and tea can stain the surface over time. 

Awareness of potential threats to your Quartz and Engineered Stone countertop can assist in avoiding damage.  

Quartz Countertop Misconception #5 Quartz needs to be sealed! 

Contrary to popular misconception, Quartz and Engineered Stone do not need to be sealed. Newer versions of Quartz and Engineered Stone are manufactured with a higher shine. Sealers and wax should not be applied to Quartz and Engineered Stone countertops. If sealers and wax have been applied to Quartz and Engineered Stone countertops professional assistance is required for Quartz restoration. Please contact Stone Care of Arizona,  Arizona stone care experts for consultation and estimate at 480-625-0557 or Get a Free Quote.

Quartz Countertop Misconception #6: Quartz is heat proof!

Keep this in mind, Quartz countertops are a blended mixture poured into a mold and baked at high temperatures. This means that Quartz countertops have a melting point! Placing extremely hot items will damage the surface and may lead to costly Quartz restoration.     

Avoid the following:

  1. Placing a hot boiling pot on your Quartz and Engineered Stone countertop.
  2. Placing hot Frying pans on Quartz and Engineered Stone countertop.
  3. Hot coffee pots (heated on the stove).
  4. Crockpots (repeated heat cycling in the same location).
  5. Portable skillets (repeated heat cycling in the same location).
  6. Portable ovens (repeated heat cycling in the same location). 
  7. Portable deep fryers (repeated heat cycling in the same location).

One way to create a heat barrier to protect Quartz and Engineered Stone countertop is to place portable appliances on wood blocks. Wood will not transfer heat. Make sure that the wood is at least 2 inches or more in thickness. 

In conclusion, with proper care, Quartz and Engineered Stone countertops will add beauty to your home for years to come.  

This consumer information is brought to you by Stone Care of Arizona, Arizona stone care experts. We provide natural stone, tile and countertop cleaning and sealing services.       

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