HOW TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR NATURAL STONE FLOORS IN SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONANature Stone should be regularly vacuumed to remove abrasives and cleaned with a stone specific cleaning solution. Too often, clients have mistakenly damaged their Natural Stone by using acidifying cleaning compounds found in over the counter vinegar base cleaners. These acidifying cleaning compounds can destroy the shine and weaken the groutlines. We encourage our clients to never use the same cleaner they use on tile & grout such as ammonia with vinegar or strong over the counter alkalines for concrete on their Natural Stone Flooring. Improper cleaning will create a sticky residue that tracks onto your carpeting. If you do not personally clean your floors, we recommend that you review the cleaning protocols that you or your housekeeper and janitorial service may be using. You may discover they are creating issues with their cleaning solutions.

Here are 5 tips to maintain your Natural Stone Floors:

You need the following things:

Mop Bucket (Be sure to get a commercial grade with metal push down wringer)

2 24 oz cotton mop head. You can purchase at Ace or Home Depot. 

1 gallon of concentrated stone neutral cleaner (Use on lightly soil floors) Zep Neutral Floor Cleaner. You can purchase at ACE or Home Depot in Scottsdale and Fountain Hills, Arizona. 

1 gallon of concentrated Alkaline Stone Cleaner (Use on medium to heavily soiled floor) You can purchase at Ace or Home Depot. 

3 Microfiber washable mop-heads with pole Starfiber Handle and Mop

Tip 1#:

Natural Stone Floors should be dry vacuumed regularly with a hard surface tool to remove harsh abrasives. If you cannot dry vacuum, we recommend a very fine 12 to 14 inch microfiber hand broom. Sweep the floor in small sections and use a dust pan to lift and dispose. 

Tip 2#:

Natural Stone Floors should be wet cleaned regularly. There are many ways to wet clean Floors. Avoid using a sponge mop or microfiber mop to clean since these do not provide enough moisture to create emulsification. We recommend a traditional mopbucket with a 24oz cotton mop-head.

Tip 3#:

When using transitional mop and bucket method be sure to wet mop the floor. Meaning, clean small areas by applying a heavier coat of solution and letting it soak. Wring out the soiled mop and make sure to mop-up excess with a dry mop. Go back over the area again to remove the access water.

Tip 4#:

Next, make a dry pass with a microfiber mop. This will help break the moisture barrier and facilitate rapid drying. Check the floor for any puddling and even it out to create even drying. 

Tip 5#:

Your last step is to do a visual inspection to ensure uniform cleaning. Look out for puddling and streaks.

These 5 tips can help you keep your Natural Stone Flooring cleaned and looking good longer.

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