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Homeowners are engaged in a frustrating cycle to keep their grout cleaned. This endless cycle can only be alleviated by hiring a professional to clean. What causes Ceramic, Porcelain and Natural Stones to soiled so quickly? Homeowners and housekeepers are often tasked with mopping floors. Did you know some cleaners create a soil attracting residue? Sadly, the dark patina that slowly deposits into the channels of the grout lines may be associated with the cleaner being used. Since grout is very porous or absorbent it can easily leave a permanent stain. If the grout is permanently stained by soil, it is an appropriate candidate for grout staining or color sealing.


Let’s illustrate a metaphor when fingernails are polished they can be painted with acrylic or lacquer-based paint. Likewise, grout stain or color seal is painted on the grout with oil-based colors and hardeners. Grout stain and color seal come in various colors to match the common grout installed in a homeowner’s home.


The longevity of color seal or grout stain depends on how the floor is maintained.  Manufacturers’ limited warranties can vary. When floors are professionally cleaned you vastly improve the color seal or grout stain brushed on the grout. You can expect between 3 to 8 years of surface expectancy. Before what? Before you begin to see oxidizing, flaking and peeling along the grout channels. Unfortunately, the homeowner will need to hire someone to strip the grout and reapply a new grout stain or color seal. For this reason, move carefully when choosing a color stain or color seal as an option. Let’s explore the proper way to apply color stain and color sealing.


Before applying the color seal or color stain, you will need to prepare the tiles beforehand. Make sure your title is free of any sticky substances, dry soil, and top coats of wax.

Purchase the following basic items:

  • Alkaline tile cleaner
  • Neutral cleaner (add to water bucket ½ of a cup)
  • Deck brush
  • Mop and mop bucket
  • Wet vacuum
  • Grout brush
  • Fans

Here are the cleaning steps:

  • Apply alkaline prespray in a small section of tile (small areas prevent drying)
  • Take grout brush and agitate the grout (This assist in breaking down oily substances trapped in the grout)
  • Take the wet vacuum and extract the emulsified soil (repeat steps 1 and 2)
  • Apply a generous amount of water to the floor to help flush out soil that has emulsify and ready for extraction.
  • Make extra dry passes wet your wet vacuum.
  • Setup fan in the small area
  • Now move into the next section and duplicate steps 1 – 6
  • Take a grout brush and apply the selected color seal in a small section
  • Take a bucket of warm water and a sponge to wipe up excess as you go (thin layers are better than a thick layer) 

Not everyone is a “Do-it-Yourself Aficionado”, Stone Care of Arizona, LLC, the premier cleaning, sealing and polishing company provides color staining or color sealing services for you. We offer to do a free demonstration in your home to verify permanent grout staining. We will use the latest cleaning techniques to restore stained grout. If we need to address a stained area, we will make suggestions that may include the grout replacement in the affected areas.

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