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Granite is one of the most popular natural stones selected by consumers, designers and contractors in Paradise Valley and Scottsdale, Arizona. As one of the strongest natural stones available, Granite is used for countertops, backsplashes, restrooms, cladding, and decorative floor medallions. At Stone Care of Arizona, we know that Granite is rated in groups. Groups 5 and 6 are rated higher due to their scarcity and unique crystallization and we know how to bring out the best in natural stones. Granite that has been improperly cleaned or honed can become dull and can lack the beautiful luster that is unique to Granite.

When the time comes to hire a company to clean and seal Natural Stone in Paradise Valley, Arizona, it is critical that companies for selection are properly scrutinized. Gone are the days of depending on a trusted referral. Truth be told, any referral “must” be examined to ensure you have hired the right company.

Here are 4 questions for your review and consideration before having your Granite Cleaned and Sealed in Paradise Valley, Cave Creek, Fountain Hills, and Scottsdale, Arizona:


Since many cleaning and sealing methods are touted in the marketplace, consider asking pointed questions about how the Technician is planning to seal your Granite. For example, “What is the first step they will use?” “How will the seal be applied?” “Will the seal be allowed to dry prior to the sealing process?” The answers to these three questions can provide you with a snap-shot of their cleaning strategies and cleaning methodology.

Stone Care of Arizona, LLC employs expert natural stone care professionals. Our 30 years plus experience and extensive knowledge set us apart from other companies. Although our Granite cleaning methods are proprietary, we provide our customers with an extensive overview of the steps we will take to restore or maintain their Granite. We know how to check the porosity of Granite and will deploy the best course of action to ensure that proper care is provided. Our team at Stone Care of Arizona, LLC the Granite cleaning expert can provide you with a free evaluation and estimate that is customized especially for your Granite project. Give us a Call at 480-625-0557


Unfortunately, inexpensive sealants on the market that are available at most local department stores are inadequate. These inadequate sealers are either water or oil-based. The oil-based solvents will have a stronger odor than water-based sealants. If the sealant leaves a pungent odor, clients with odor sensitivities may be impacted.  

Stone Care of Arizona, LLC the natural stone care expert uses only odorless oil-based premium Granite porous seal. It is specially formulated to penetrate the micro-pore of very dense Granite. The results of our porosity test will determine the proper application of coats required to ensure repellency and will allow the Granite to breathe while protecting the Granite from unwanted liquid intrusion.


When the granite has been sealed improperly it can have a sticky feel. The common mistake of allowing the sealant to dry is due almost exclusively to application error. The result is the buildup of sealant that is sticky or tacky on the surface. This is a mistake that is typically made of novices and is completely avoidable.

Stone Care of Arizona, LLC employs and trains natural stone care experts who have mastered the craft of cleaning and sealing Granite. We will never leave a surface sticky or tacky residue! We use specialized cleaning procedures to ensure that when we leave your home or business, the Granite will be free of any debris or unwanted substances. Give us a call at 480-625-0557 and we will provide a “free” evaluation and estimate for you.


All Granite should be cleaned and “disinfected” before sealing. There is a difference between “cleaning” and “disinfecting” a Granite countertop. Here is a factoid: According to the New York Health Department, “Boiling water kills or inactivates viruses, bacteria, protozoa, and other pathogens by using heat to damage structural components and disrupt essential life processes.” The report continues, some bacterial spores not typically associated with the waterborne disease are capable of surviving boiling conditions.” Simply stated, most cleaning agents and rinsing efforts will not disinfect your Granite countertops.

Stone Care of Arizona, the natural stone care experts clean with boiling water during their Granite cleaning process. We also apply a plant-based disinfectant that is made from Thyme oil. This non-toxic plant base post spray will kill any bio-organisms trapped in the micro-pores of your granite safely. Our goal is to clean, disinfected and sealed your Granite countertops. The wonderful news is that when we have completed our Granite and sealing processes, your countertops are ready to use. No waiting! 

We hope you find this information helpful as you search for the appropriate Natural Stone Care Professional to clean and seal your Granite. 

If you would like free consultation and estimate give us a call at 480-625-0557

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