Do My Carpets Really Need a Carpet Protector After Cleaning?

Many consumers say no to carpet protector. The reasons may vary depending for a number of reasons. The issue boils down to whether consumers believe that carpet protector works or is a waste of money. Perhaps you may share the belief that carpet protector is a waste of money. If so, you are not alone. Some believe that carpet protector does not live up to the hype that carpet cleaners claim. Do My Carpets Really Need To Carpet Protector After Cleaning?

You have heard all of those worn out Platitudes!

Let’s take a look at just a few to evaluate those claims more closely:

  • Carpet protector helps the carpets stay cleaner longer, True or False?
  • Carpet protector helps provide protection from spills and stains, True or False?
  • Carpet protector is required after every cleaning, True or False?
  • Most stains clean-up with simple water, True or False?
  • You don’t need to clean as often when you apply carpet protector, True or False

Before we answer these questions, we will give you more information to help you understand the technology better. It all began in 1952!  Did you know that the Granddaddy of all protectors on the market was 3M Scotchguard?  

Who discovered Scotchgard protector? 

Patsy Sherman and Samuel Smith accidentally discovered the repellent qualities of carpet protectant as researchers in 1952. In 1956 3M Scotchgard was marketed worldwide as a post spray-down that could be applied to carpets and furniture. This post spray was created to help create repellency that would prevent resoiling to carpets.

There is a reason consumers reject protector. Most of the protector applied in Phoenix, Arizona is not Scotchguard protector. Out of the 100 plus carpet cleaners in the greater Phoenix, less than 2% use Scotchguard Protector. Based on our experience, there are many imitators, but only one protector that out preforms most protectors on the market. Why is there so much dissatisfaction?

There are several reasons for consumer dissatisfaction:

1.    Promises of stain removal have not always measured up.

2.    The consumers feels cheated when the protectant doesn’t work as promised.

3.    The time it takes to apply the protector seems unbelievable.

4.    The consumer feels the warrantee is a joke.

Stone Care of Arizona, LLC, Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners would like to spills the beans on why cheap protectors do not work?

Some carpet cleaners don’t always apply the right protector with anti-dye resisters

Did you know that there are several formulas for carpet protectors on the market? Some are high quality and some are cheaply made based on price point. Be sure to ask your carpet cleaner to use only 3m Scotchguard. Ask to see the bottle before they apply. You can get more information about Scotchguard at this link. The good news is that 3m Scotchguard has both Fluorochemicals and Anti-dye resistors that protect your carpet from Spots and Stains. 

Some carpet cleaners don’t always apply enough protector for the right coverage.

Most of the problems associated with performance issues is a result of not applying enough carpet protector on damp carpeting. Too often, this is a training issue or lack of understanding about how to apply a protector. Once the carpet cleaner arrives, be sure to ask about the dilution ratios and do the math. Scotchguard carpet protector will cover approximately 3,200 square feet per concentrated gallon. For more information on dilution of 3m Scotchguard Carpet Protector click this link:

Some carpet cleaners don’t always groom the protector after applying on the carpet

All protectors regardless of brand should be groomed after application to get even coverage. Grooming has another benefit… that of breaking the moisture barrier to assist in the drying process. Most Scotchguard Certified Carpet Cleaners will groom the carpets after applying protector and will use an airmover to speed up drying.

Some carpet cleaners don’t always dilute according to the manufacturer specification.

There are two types of carpet cleaners. The ones who use the right application methodology and the ones who don’t care. Applying Scotchguard Carpet Protector according to the manufacturer’s dilution ratio is key to effectively repelling spots and stains. Depending on the manufacturer, it is about a one part protector to four parts water. This should cover 300 to 600 feet of damp carpeting.

Some carpet cleaners run out of protectant and use deodorizer instead

This is sheer dishonesty! When a carpet cleaner sells something they don’t have it is dishonest and reflects poorly on our industry. When in doubt, ask to see the bottle and watch it as it is applied to your carpets.

Some carpets cleaner use water instead of protector

Again, this is where you can do a better vetting of the carpet cleaner. Here is link to help:  

How Should Carpet Protector be Applied?  

If you have 2500 square feet of cleanable carpeting, you will need approx. 4.16 gallons at 600 square feet ratio. This should be groomed evenly into the carpet. The carpet cleaner should remain on at the home and use an air mover to ensure quick dry times. Depending on the carpet cleaning company’s prices, the price range for protector can cost around 15cent to 30cent per square foot.

Do My Carpets Really Need a Carpet Protector After Cleaning?

The correct answer is yes! You should always apply 3m Scotchguard every time you clean your carpets.

Still not convinced? Check this out…..

Carpets can lose its hydrophobic (water hating qualities that resist water based staining) protecting characteristics in three ways:

1.    Dry vacuuming can reduce this hydrophobic protecting ability 

2.    Cleaning can reduce the hydrophobic ability as well

3.    Surface wear in time can reduce the hydrophobic ability.

Since these Fluorochemical coatings can be subject to removal, it can lessen in effectiveness. To insure the vitality of your carpeting it is recommended that consumers ask their carpet cleaning technician to reapply a fluorochemical based protector with Anti-Dye resistors.

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Until we hear from you we hope you have an awesome day.

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